Monday, August 22, 2011

Towel Holders

Are you tired of picking up wet towels off the floor? Does your family think it is impossible to use a towel more than once? We have a solution for you that will encourage your kids (and your husband) to hang up their towel when they are through using it! These towels are made with a hole for hanging. This hole is actually part of the design!! Some people have found these towels (which measure 30" x 52") to be very handy to keep by the pool. We also offer designs on smaller towels for the kitchen and bath. More are being ordered and delivered every week. So if you don't see something you like, leave a comment or email us! We would love to help you cut down on your laundry while protecting your floors. Also, they are pretty cute!

Monkey Towel

Flamingo Towel

Lizard Towel

Bucket and Shovel

Beach Ball

Dinosaur Towel

Snake Towel

Dolphin towel

Seahorse Towel
Girly Seahorse Towel

Sand Pail and Shovel

Princess Towel

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